09/03/85 - 05/13/94. Merrill Lynch & Co. – Assistant Vice President - 101 Hudson Street, Jersey City, New Jersey 07302-3997


Assistant Vice President responsible for a Real Time Price Delivery System using MOTIF on the SunOS/Unix operating system.

Responsible for a STRATUS based Pricing Ticker Plant used to parse Market Data in Real Time and maintain a memory resident Pricing database.

Also responsible for communication processes used in a TCP/IP Socket based C programming language application resident on an IBM mainframe using the VM operating system.

Responsibilities included obtaining user requirements, designing, writing, testing and implementing applications which deliver market data in Real Time. This requires extensive use of TCP/IP socket applications as well as data retrieval via an API from the TDBS database, a proprietary database product available from TeleKurs.

Also responsible for all aspects of database maintenance such as configuring, monitoring, and upgrading.

Responsible for writing numerous local area network applications using TCP/IP, UDP/IP and FTP on Sun/Unix, Stratus/VOS and IBM/VM.

Responsible for researching, recommending, configuring, testing and implementing hardware to allow an IBM VM mainframe to connect to a LAN (IBM 3172). Programming languages used on VM were PL/1 and Pascal. Command Line language used was called REXX. 

Over 4+ years experience in the Stratus/VOS operating system. Programming Languages used were PL/1 and C. Responsible for all issues concerning a Stratus based Real Time Pricing system.

Wrote parsers, database update routines and utility programs for operators as necessary. Used products unique to Stratus, such as the Forms Management System (FMS), Transaction Processing Facility (TPF) and vendor supplied applications which allowed time sensitive data to be maintained in shared memory.

Responsible for an IBM System/36 used as a local printing substation via MSRJE. Printers used were IBM models 5262 and 4245.

Wrote an application to print customer billing statements on an IBM 3827 printer. languages used were PL/I, COBOL, REXX and EXEC2. IBM software products used included VSAM, DMS, IUCV/VMCF, and SCRIPT. Third party products used included XMENU and FOCUS.


Environment: PL/1, Rexx, Cobol, Exec2, Script, Xmenu, Foxus, FMS, TPF, C Programming



· B.S. in Computer Science, 1983, from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI); Troy, New York.

· Minors in Economics and Mathematics. Mathematics concentration was numerical analysis.

I was also Vice President of the Sigma Phi Epsilon (ΣΦΕ) Fraternity while I attended RPI.



Playing guitar, bass and keyboards.


Over 25 Years of Wall Street Experience.


John Perez & Co., LLC