Java:                 Fix Engines using Multi-Threading. Specifically, FIX Protocol Sessions were run in individual Threads. Java Swing applications with SwingWorker, Thread or Runnable’s utilized to run software without interrupting the Event Dispatch Thread. Also utilized QuickFixJ Banzai application for internal testing with Multi-Threading and SwingWorker usage. Garbage Collection tuning via –XX* behavioral and performance Java runtime options.

JDBC/DBLib:    JDBC utilized along with Java and Java Swing for JTable displayed SQL results. DB/Lib used when code was written using C or C++.

C Programs:     Utilized TradeWare Source Code to implement FIX Protocol at Knight Securities. Also utilized QuickFix (C++./Java) application in production, with added code to customer order flow at Crown Financial Group.

C#:                    Along with DataWindow, an application was written to allow display, updates, Deletions and modifications of MySQL database data for trader payment System. Intermediate at C# Programming.

C++:                  C++ Work performed with Multi-Threading using PThreads. Intermediate at C++ Programming.







October 2012 – January 2014 – TATA Consultancy Services – 379 Thornall Street, Edison, NY 08837 – Hadoop Architect/Senior Java Developer


Hadoop Architect - Consultant – Designed, wrote, tested and implemented Map-Combiner-Reduce, Cassandra and HBase programs, PIG Latin Scripts, HIVE HQL, and Flume Configuration files.


Wrote UDF, UDAF and UDTF Programs for Pig and Hive.


Wrote a Java Swing program utilizing JTable to access Cassandra using Thrift, the DataStax API and the JDBC API to Cassandra. 


Wrote a Java Properties configurable Java Swing Program to enable a user to Define Flume Sources, Sinks and Channels graphically, associate individual sets of Sources, Sinks and Channels to declare them as components of an Agent, and generate Flume Agent Configuration files.


Wrote Map-Combiner-Reduce Programs utilizing HDFS.


Wrote HBase Programs using careful row key design strategies to assure that minimal data is stored enabling HBase Scans that are efficient and conducive with the total Byte Ordering algorithm which is native to HBase.


Installed Hadoop, Pig, HIVE, HBase, Flume, Solr, Sqoop, Oozie on Linux.


Exposure to Solr, Sqoop, Oozie and Avro.




Over 25 Years of Wall Street Experience.


John Perez & Co., LLC