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About this firm

Over 30 Years of Software Development experience. Experience includes Big Data and Hadoop Eco-System expertise as well as software development on Wall Street. 

John A. Perez is the professional you need to resolve difficult to solve development, management or testing requirements your firm may encounter during times where human resource requirements exceed your current capabilities.

Our goal is to facilitate progress in Software Development with minimal impact to existing operations.

Experience by category:

1. Protocols Expertise:

· Messaging Systems

· Tibco Rendezvous

· Java Messaging System

· FIX Protocol

· QuickFix

· QuickFixJ (All Java Version)

· Cameron

· FixEdge

· TradeWare

2. Languages Expertise:

· Object Oriented

· JAVA, C++ and C#

· Structural & Procedural:

· Fortran, C, C++ and PL/I

3. Development Environments

· Eclipse, for Java and Java Swing

· Jigloo, for Java Swing GUI development

· Visual Studio for C++ and C#

· DataWindow, for facilitating GUI applications using database maintenance.


Over 25 Years of Wall Street Experience.


John Perez & Co., LLC

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