John A. Perez

1160 Little Twig Road

Effort, Pennsylvania 18330-8055

(718) 702 4570 (Cell)

(570) 369 4512 (Home)




Core JAVA developer with 14+ Years experience and 6+ Years of Java Swing experience. Familiar with Multi-Threading, Concurrency, Low Latency, OOP & D, and Garbage Collection issues in Java.


Senior C Programmer with 25+ years experience on Windows, Linux, UNIX and Status/VOS.


Over 8 years of C++ experience and about 1 Year of C#/.NET exposure. Familiar with DataWindow, a database GUI plug-in which facilitates SQL Queries Display in the .NET Development environment. C++ Experience includes writing GUI’s using MOTIF on Sun Solaris Platform as well as using PThreads for Multi-Threading programs.


Well versed in Algorithms and Data Structures.


Conventional (SQL) Database experience with Sybase, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server.

NoSQL & Big Data experience with Hadoop including HDFS and Map-Reduce programming, Pig, Hive, HBase, Cassandra and Flume.


Unix/Linux Shells include C Shell, Korn Shell, Bash Shell and some Perl Shell Scripting.

Management and Project Management experience with small groups (under 5 direct reports).


Experience working with Equities, NASDAQ/OTC, Listed Bonds, Convertible Bonds, Listed Options, Commodities Options and Commodities. Experience includes extensive FIX protocol knowledge with various FIX Engines as well as writing Software for Price Distribution, Market Data Parsing and Processing.


Available immediately for Full Time Employment or for employment as a consultant. I am a U.S. Citizen.



Cloudera Certified  Developer in Apache Hadoop – February, 2013

Cloudera Certified Specialist in Apache HBase – March, 2013

MapR Certified M5 System Administrator – July, 2013




Languages:          Java with Swing/AWT, JTable (Database Display with C.R.U.D. functionality)

                                 and Core Java. C Programming, PL/I and R programming. Experience with C++ and some C#, Unix/Linux Shells: K Shell, C Shell, Bash shell and some Perl.


SQL DB:                Sybase, MS SQL, MySQL


NoSQL DB:           Hadoop, HDFS, Map-Combiner-Reduce, PIG, HIVE, HBase, Cassandra,

                                  Flume. UDF, UDAF and UDTF development experience.


O/S:                          Windows 7, UNIX – Solaris, Linux – Ubuntu, CentOS and Red Hat,

                                  Stratus – VOS, IBM VM


Software:              Java Script, HTML, makefiles, cygwin, DB/Lib, JDBC, crontab, TradeWare FIX

                                 Engine (Source Code), Cameron Fix Engine, FIXEdge FIX Engine, QuickFix

                                 Fix Engine, QuickFix/J Fix Engine


Tools:                      Ant, Maven, MS Visual Studio for C# and C++, Eclipse, Jigloo,

                                  DataWindow, TIBCO Rendezvous.


Other:                      Apache, Tomcat, Visio, Log4j, UIMX, CVS, SVN, vi, emacs, JNI, JNA, XML


Over 25 Years of Wall Street Experience.


John Perez & Co., LLC