05/16/94 – 8/16/96. Smith Barney, Inc. – Manager – Convertible Bonds and Retail Options Software Development - 390 Greenwich Street, New York, New York 10013


Assistant Vice President. Technical manager of 3 persons. With this staff, responsibilities included complete support of the Convertible Bonds Trading Desk, Retail Options Trading Desk and the transmission of IOI FIX messages.

Applications were written in C and C++. The database used was Sybase System 10 with DB-Library. UNIX shells used were Korn and C shell.

Motif Applications were developed using UIMX, a MOTIF GUI builder. Network Applications were written using native C Language calls for direct access to TCP/IP messaging. Also used was the Trinitech FIX C++ Library and servers.

FIX: Updated the FIX Application to allow messages to be routed to our mainframes Order Management System for automatic execution. This program was capable of operating as a client (with window, buttons, etc) or as a standalone server. It was implemented in New York and Boston. This application used Korn shells, Sybase DB-Lib, Motif and C++. The FIX Engine used was from Trinitech and was accessed via a series of calls to a C++ Library.

Convertible Bonds Desk: Designed and wrote Applix Spreadsheets using Dialog Boxes written using a proprietary macro language with Motif Window capability and Sybase database access routines. Applix has its' own Sybase OpenServer and can interface with the Reuters SSL Real Time data distribution system.

Applix Macro’s were written to access Tech Hackers @Analyst Bond/MBS/Options Spreadsheet Functions and the subroutines written in High Level  Programming languages (such as C/C++) from any component of the Applix Application suite.

Retail Options Trading Desk: Managed the development of an application which allowed third party options trades to be archived, reported on, corrected and maintained using C++/Motif, Korn shell and Sybase.


Environment: Solaris, Applix, Korn Shell, C Shell, UIMX, C, C++, TCP/IP Sockets, FIX Protocol, QuickFix



Over 25 Years of Wall Street Experience.


John Perez & Co., LLC